Guys! Doesn’t this picture tell it all? I mean do I have to explain the African boujeeness further? Are you sold already? This my friends is “HOUSE OF MOROCCO ”

I’m lus for an African adventure, I’m literally mad about Africa and mostly mad about hyping Africa. When I first heard of tagine style cooking, I thought it’s an ancient European style of cooking but little did I know that this was all Africa. Dumbfounded as I was I went about looking for the taste. Little did I know I’d find it right around the corner in Menlyn. Guys welcome to HOUSE OF MOROCCO’ 

Firstly can I reiterate the fact that I was having lime & orange infusion tea in a tiny little “cute” glass cup. The experience was so refreshing I giggled throughout the entire tea time, gushing over tea setup and not focusing on the aroma of the tea itself. Hahaha I’m an idiot I know. But overall an enjoyable tea.

Did you guys see the food pics? Yes that’s the famous tagine cooked meals. I had a Oxtail Tangia cooked and served in a clay pot. Delish, goodness me 😋  and Karabo had a Lamb tagine with dates & honey. 

I must say and as you can tell from the pictures, the presentation of these meals 100% absolutely exquisite 👌🏽! Dessert too was nothing short of amazing. 

All of this can be found at the rooftop cafe “La Teresse “. Please don’t be taken aback by the uncommercial setup of this restaurant, it’s quite small and intimate (I think it’s a space approximately 6m x 20m) but it’s doable and pretty and deli style but it’s wonderful I have been frequenting it a lot especially for the gluten free cookies it’s amazing! 

For more details visit there website



Wow! That was a lot! Issa lot! 

I just found myself sobbing minutes ago as I read the last chapter of Born a Crime. Wow, a lot makes sense regarding the person he is, the comedy he writes/performs just Trevor in general makes sense. 

This book man took me on a journey, and not only of Trevor’s life but mine too. His story is so relatable in all aspects, in some instances I asked myself if being great had a prerequisite of extreme painful childhood experiences.The book had so much real life humour that I couldn’t help but laugh whenever Trevor explained his family dynamics that highlight real problems in human nature, that is the thing about Trevor his entire life is a joke! (Yes,pun intended)

In the beginning Trevor appeared to me as a cheeseboy as in he grew up nice, but as the book progressed I realized something that I know, I know about life(opsy I just had a Bonang moment 😂). Our lives look glamorous to a stranger but in reality everybody struggles it’s just different degrees of struggling. 

Just like Anele said in her review of the book, it’s a perfect balance of seriousness and humour. I am trying to find that perfect phrase to sum the book up but I can’t. It’s a simple ,pleasurable and very well written book that’s it. 


Hey ladies,

Follow up from our first book club meeting it was decided that the theme of our book club will be the “FOUR SEASONS”! Yes, call it spring one meeting and then gushing rain on our next. The whole aim is for us to read all the genres, selected so well to fit in to our theme. 

The “FOUR SEASONS” are ofcourse the four seasons, spring, summer,autumn and winter. We found it very important to vary our reading pallet for this simple reason. Life needs balance and so does the reading we indulge in. So in retrospect we going to have a summer book(fantasy,raunchy love tales), a winter book(drama,realistic fiction & mystery ), an autumn( autobiography and that spicy tangy book that comes with spring time.

Our seasons selections

Being Chris Hani’s daughter: Winter read 

Born a Crime – Trevor Noah : Autumn read

All books are available at Exclusive Books! Happy reading, can’t wait for our next meeting 😘

Greenlyn Issabellas 

This passed weekend has been so lovely I want a repeat of everything! It was also the weekend where I launched Beautiful Escapades Book Club.
This venue Greenlyn Issabellas is a gem literally, perfect for princesses and queens. The decor is reminiscent of a girly girl. Do you know how the “Hoity Toity” scents their look, their spice, choices of colour, your bright blush pink and black combo that’s Issabellas decor. It’s quite surprising when you walk in because the simple entrance sets a tone of relaxation only to find sass inside. 

High tea, was the theme of the day so I had a pot of Rooibos served in Victorian style hunny! I think I enjoyed the tea more because of the ornaments it was served in, pure decadence if I say so myself. 
This is the Banting calamari, delish flavours, the green wiggly stuff is the calamari infused with pesto sauce! 

Banting fish this time, a friend of mine had on the day! 

Victoria’s Secret! Yes this is the name of this gourmet burger, see why I said the menu is reminiscent of the fragrance “Hoity Toity” too much spice! 

These are some of the desserts you can choose from 

Have some freshly baked croissant, maybe you feel like Quiche Lorraine, or better yet have the latest confectionery treat the “cake pops” 
Be prepared to spend a little of R150/head! 
It’s worth it, so refreshing if you looking for some quite time alone spice! The atmosphere of that little place will rejuvenate you!

Book Club Launch

I’ve finally took the plunge, to launch my official book club. After months of contemplating if I should, if it’s going to work out, if I have the ability, if I will have time. But truth be told we are never ever ready for anything unless we actually just go for it. 

My hopes for the book club are that in our meetings of sharing the stories we will be reading. We inspire each other, we learn from the stories and most importantly we become better human beings. 

Happiness is found in literature, happy reading! 


Print Media! Thee oldest form of news distribution of our time. News, business, entertainment, fashion and beauty. While some have said readership has declined due to the now “digital world” we live in, I beg to differ. For some of us this is by far the best way to keep connected and keep our costs at bay. I’m not about data costs, it’s too expensive so I’ve opted to stick to my first love. 

My magazine reads differ month to month and whatever I read will depend on the following. My mood (haha yes I’m mood) how ever I feel or the goal for that month will gravitate towards the decision I make. The cover girl needs to appeal to me together with the months content, and ofcourse my budget for the month. I could be reading Glamour girl, Marie Claire, or True Love next month. Whatever tickles my fancy really. 

This month I’m not too bojee because budget but I got my monies worth and so much more. Ladies, there is inspiration for every pocket! 

Happy positive fuels reading! 
Pick’n Pay ” Fresh Living” – free to smartcard holders / R25 for non card holders

BONA – Retails for R17 


In starting my blog, I wanted an escape from my troubles, distractions, basically everything that doesn’t serve purpose to a happy life; I wanted to do away with it. 
So in the midst of curating my beautiful life, I promised myself to constantly stay curious of life, places  , people and the world at large.

What I have on this post is a snepit, yes snepit of “Beautiful Escapades 2017 Vision Board” because you need to decide what you want in every area of your life, you can’t hit a target you can’t see.

With that said here are a few places you will visit with me on my blog. 

1. Club Mykonos 

Life will be nothing but a dream the week I land here! White sands, white houses everywhere and serenity. If you’ve heard of a place in Greece called Santorini ladies and gentlemen. Well there you have it, Santorini has been built in South Africa and is situated in Laangebaan Western Cape. 

Look out for my post when I get to see this magical place! 

2. Tsitsikamma Forest

I have for years been talking about this place in Knysna, contemplating my trip there. 
The wait is finally over, I’ve made my mind up and I’m going. I’ll be there in July. 

Knysna has earned its bragging rights I can’t wait to explore this tropical forest of ours! 

3. Kaya Beach & Mozambik Resturant

Never been to Mozambique, so if this place will give me a taste of what to expect, I sure will be there to take it all in. 

In recent months my taste pallet has (for some odd reason) gravitated so much in exploring African cuisine. I’ve seen myself ordering Mozambican prawns many times and that’s only because it was the only thing available.

My hope in visiting this place, is to find a varied menu of traditional Mozambique cuisine and enjoy Africa on a plate! 

4. Nan Hau Temple 

There’s something compelling to me about the Asian community. The ways of its culture and Buddhist religion. 

I’m more interested in the Buddhism practices more than anything and ofcourse the Chinese diet! 

I’m not turning from my Christian ways but I want to learn more about this culture. What fascinates me more than anything is how the top selling books on self improvement include Buddhism practices. 

Chinese people have so much descipline and I feel I need to visit this place to get a deeper understanding. 

Haha! Feel like I will have a Eat.Pray.Love sequel following my visit! Look out for that phase in my life. 

5. Irene Dairy Farm

First time I heard of this place, I thought to myself “Cheese Haven” yazzzzzzzzz! 

I love cheese and an not lactose intolerant so let’s be clear. I am going to eat everything that’s edible at this place. 

Cheese has for years, been a lux commodity in black home fronts. I hope when I blog about this place it will open up a new perspective on how we view dairy products and it’s different uses. 

6. Hollybrooks Adventure & Friends on the Rail

I’m a sucker for nature, anything green and just pure nothingness. 

I am a mother now (have been for the past two years) and for some odd reason I want to re-explore my childhood hood dreams. That’s what having a child does, you literally become a child again. 

So Hollybrooks is one of those places I want to visit with my son. Outdoor living nature and all of that organic fun. 

Taking a train is also one of 2017 Bucklist goals! Friends on the rail will give you that experience and nice thing is it’s situated right around my doorstep.
My 2017 vision, actually the rest of my life. Is to constantly remain curious, learn continuously and evolve most importantly enjoy this journey called life!